Top 5 Risks Facing New Product Developers

Despite advancements in engineering technology, new product developers still face numerous development and production risks.  Some of the risks, such as material shortages, are unavoidable but companies can control many of them during development.  What are the main risks faced by new product developers and how can they be avoided?  One of the biggest problems … Read more

Dave Jones Podcast

Podcast: Dave Jones’ Journey from NASA Joint Venture to Product Development CEO

Dave Jones, founder of DE Design Works, is an experienced engineer and musician. His engineering career started in the late 90s with a NASA joint venture after shifting from a music scholarship to an engineering degree. He now manages a team of industry experts at his product development consultancy, serving some of the largest corporations … Read more

Engineering Trust and Safety: Why UL Certification Should be Part of Your Product Strategy 

Electronics engineers must navigate complex product certifications, especially in industries where compliance is crucial. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certifications are particularly significant in affirming product safety and performance. Achieving and maintaining these certifications requires a collaborative effort among engineers to ensure adherence to an array of interconnected standards. A UL certification demonstrates a manufacturer’s commitment to … Read more

Unmasking the Hidden Costs: Why Established Products Should Consider Switching from PLCs to PCBs

Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can be attractive in the initial stages of industrial product development. Compared to the elements of custom-embedded firmware, the ease of programming a PLC enables rapid on-site design modifications. PLCs can offer a robust off-the-shelf solution right out of the gate, with a reliability record supported by industry giants such … Read more

Planning is important

Supply chain issues for specialized electronics can be especially frustrating for product manufacturers.

When a company has built itself around a complete product, electronics components often represent a black box of mystical voodoo, making up just one of the hundreds of “parts” that make up the whole product. The benefit of product engineering groups is that they are focused on the whole product, or the integration of that … Read more

Electronic Sensors

Ready to Talk Sensors?

If your company’s product has any “technology” on board, you are guaranteed to be familiar with at least one kind of electronic sensor and likely several. Over the last decade, there have been exponential leaps in sensor technology and their variations – that’s not news at all. By way of the cell phone industry alone, … Read more

Why LoRa?

Add “LoRa” to your list of abbreviated tech terms. Meet our friend LoRa. LoRa is kind of new to the area and is making an impact on the wireless IoT options available. The company Semtech acquired this proprietary modulation technique, and major chipmakers (Microchip for example) are creating tools using LoRa that are worth learning … Read more

Electronic Sensors

Integrating Sensors Into Your Product

Whether you are designing a new piece of equipment for an assembly line or the latest life-saving medical gadget, there are a variety of sensors to choose from that will improve your product. Sensors have become critical in almost every modern-day industry.   Temperature gauges, accelerators, load sensors, etc., can all be incorporated into a … Read more

Connected Electronics Are Key In New Product Design

At DE Design Works, we develop custom, connected electronics for a variety of applications. And even if you aren’t sure exactly what a connected device is, the chances are you use them every day. For example, you can play a game on your phone not only by yourself, but against other people when it is … Read more