DE Design Works Product Development Funnel

Where are you in the Product Development Funnel?

At DE Design Works, we help many different customers in their product development efforts. We answer proposal requests for a good roster of global companies, many mid-sized customers with specialized products in the business-to-business industrial segment, medical customers large and small, and a never-ending stream of start-ups with product ideas aimed at all sorts of unfilled product needs. The common theme among all of those customer opportunities is that there is no common place for us to begin as an outside engineering services resource, and there is certainly no common “ballpark cost” to do their project.

Top 5 Risks Facing New Product Developers

Despite advancements in engineering technology, new product developers still face numerous development and production risks.  Some of the risks, such as material shortages, are unavoidable but companies can control many of them during development.  What are the main risks faced by new product developers and how can they be avoided?  One of the biggest problems … Read more

Unmasking the Hidden Costs: Why Established Products Should Consider Switching from PLCs to PCBs

Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can be attractive in the initial stages of industrial product development. Compared to the elements of custom-embedded firmware, the ease of programming a PLC enables rapid on-site design modifications. PLCs can offer a robust off-the-shelf solution right out of the gate, with a reliability record supported by industry giants such … Read more