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Testing Products Old & New: DE Design Testing Services

DE Design Works offers a range of product testing services for both existing products already in the field as well as new products DE can design for you.

Our lab has a complete AC and DC power testing capabilities for nano-Amp, low-power analysis through 3,000 watts, as well as a number of other rigorous testing facilities to ensure your product will withstand whatever is thrown at it.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (H.A.L.T.)

Working with you, we will develop specific tests for your product and run cycles in an accelerated manner to expose any potential weakness or failure points under precise environmental conditions, such as humidity, heat, and vibrations.

It is essential that your product is thoroughly tested to avoid post-production defects. When conducted at the right time in the design cycle, H.A.L.T. testing can catch and address issues in a product before it goes into production.

If you feel like your product needs a certain type of testing based on its application, we are more than happy to develop exclusive tests under precise conditions to expose any issues before it is taken to market.

Temperature Chamber

Exactly as it sounds, our temperature chamber is designed to stress test real-world conditions for electronics to ensure they are not affected by excessive heat or cold exposure. Our temperature chamber can range from -40C to 180C providing you with a wide range of testing temperatures.

We will work with you to determine what temperatures your products will likely be exposed when in use and for how long. This will allow us to more accurately test your product for heat and cold resistance.

Temperature testing combined with power-up cycling can expose performance issues under different conditions.

We have tested a variety of electronics ranging from commercial restaurant appliances to military and flight equipment, so we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle just about any application.

Find failures prior to product launch to avoid costly field issues and damage to your quality reputation. We will consult you on the best practices and equipment that will be right for the product.


Humidity happens naturally and there is little we can do to stop it, and if there’s one thing electronics don’t like, it’s moisture.

Our humidifier will add moisture (up to 90%) to the air to test for durability and see the effects of moisture on the board.

If your product fails the humidity test, our team can suggest coating and enclosure solutions making it less vulnerable to moisture and retest the product to ensure it is up to par.

Vibration Plate

Your tech shouldn’t rattle loose! Technology that is designed for machinery or needed for flight, in vehicles, or washing machines should be stable enough to handle the vibrations common to such applications.

Vibration tests will ensure the PCB assembly is not vulnerable to mechanical failure due to issues like insufficient solder. This gives customers confidence their products can withstand whatever is thrown their way.

Spectrum Analyzer

Have some potential radio frequency noise issues? Our spectrum analyzer can help.

This is a tool that can be used to determine if you will have potential emissions and noise issues. As long as levels are in an acceptable range so they don’t disturb electronics around them or on the board, you are more confident heading into certification testing.

UL and CE certifications are often required for certain products, which means noise must be under a certain emissions level. With our spectrum analyzer, we look for problematic areas on the board to pre-scan for emissions issues before certification testing.

Knowing whether your product will fall under that level before certification testing will help save you money by ensuring that the product passes the first time.

If you have a product you want to bring into production, it is essential that you know it can stand up to the application’s environmental conditions. DE Design Works Testing Services will bring you piece of mind that your product will perform as required in the field.

Whether we designed the product or someone else did, be sure to put it through its paces before taking it to market.

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