Product Development Experiences

About DE Design Works

No fancy display of customer logos here – we honor the confidential nature of our support services. But we can say that since 2002, our 20+ US product engineers excel in PCB and hardware design, software/firmware design, industrial design and prototyping, and testing/compliance and have deep experience across an impressive customer list across a wide range of market segments. We believe in a collaborative, process-driven approach that puts our clients' needs first.

We would be happy to have a 30-minute online meeting to discuss our capabilities and experiences and how they may fit with your product needs.

  • Product Assessment
  • PCB & Hardware Design
  • Software & Firmware Design
  • Mechanical, Industrial Design, UX / GUI
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Transfer to Production

A Brief History of Past Product Experiences

  • Custom edge device to cloud gateways
  • Extreme low-power long-range wireless battery systems
  • Level 2, grid-connected electric vehicle IoT charging breaker
  • Advanced closed loop motion controllers for AGV robotics
  • Rugged mobile tablet operated fire truck control systems
  • An industry-changing aspiration pump for stroke patients
  • Chemical and biological (CBRN) disaster response monitoring gear
  • High-speed laser marking gyro controller systems
  • High-precision network protocol timing master clock instruments
  • Ruggedized high-precision assembly torque calibration tools
  • Smart building connected control platform
  • Agricultural drone imaging controls and peripherals
  • Hand-held EEG wearable device
  • Military submersible uninterruptable universal DC and AC power supplies
  • High voltage power and backup solutions
  • Wireless connected color-tunable smart lighting
  • Aftermarket automotive performance fuel injectors
  • Secure smart phone credit card readers
  • Observation satellite RF communications controls
  • Military radar receiver motor controls

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