PCBA and Product Prototyping 

We offer turn-key product prototyping at multiple stages in the product development process. During our design projects, we are skilled at producing POC prototypes, form-fit-function prototypes, and pilot run prototypes. 

When it comes to PCB/PCBA prototypes, one of the ways DE accelerates your time to market is by building your prototype circuit board assemblies in-house. It is quick because our skilled technicians hand-build early rev prototypes in days instead of weeks. We can cut valuable time out of the schedule instead of waiting for PCB assembly houses. This process also allows close inspection checkpoints of PCB design and Bill of Materials by our hardware design engineers. 

Our prototyping skills include: 

  • PCB Assembly 
  • Off-The-Shelf (OTS) enclosure machining 
  • Component Sourcing and Bills of Materials 
  • 3D printing (in-house SLA and FDM prototype machines) 
  • Partnerships with high-quality PCB quick turn manufacturers  
  • Regular working relationships with a network of fabricators 
  • Custom Cabling 
  • Complete functional prototype assembly and testing  
  • Industrial Design / Conceptual Design / CAD Model 

Our PCBA and product prototyping experience can shorten your product development timeline and save your NRE budget.  

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