Production Support

We offer production management services!

It takes a village to raise a child so it is no surprise that it takes a network of skilled suppliers to build a great product. So unless you are Apple, using great companies that are focused on their core skills is a win for your village and it allows you to focus on your market and your customers, not what Bluetooth SIG is changing when BT5 comes out or if your processor is going obsolete.

We have amazing partners in our network that offer everything from sourcing custom parts and sensors from China, assembling custom cables, high quality mass-production with automated inspection, cost competitive U.S. production or overseas solutions. Our expertise is Engineering and Product Design so when it comes to production, we help in creating functional testers, quality control documents, CAD drawings, component specification – and of course hardware PCB design. We can offer by-the-hour help or provide finished and programmed circuit boards with 100% quality guaranteed, or even complete guaranteed sub-assembly product builds for low volume, high-quality production and transition to a local high quality contract manufacturer who can ramp you up into high-volume quickly with our proven high quality design-for-manufacturing approach.