Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


BLE is fantastic for low power and low data rate and simple connectivity to phone Apps.

Not sure if Bluetooth or BLE is right for you? Are you also looking at Wifi or Zigbee or Zwave or Flat Mesh or BT 5.0 or Bluetooth Mesh or Sub GHZ or a Custom radio?

No worries, we can explain all those trade-offs and help you navigate. Oh, and we are Bluetooth SIG members, in case you want to know too much about BLE.

DE Design Works can provide a turnkey Android and iOS App solution or an SDK and API to your developer to work with our BLE solution and hardware design. We have multiple paths and proven experience. If your production volumes are sure to be over 100,000 units per year or you have unique packaging needs, we can create a chip down PCB solution offering the lowest cost and smallest foot print area and help you through FCC testing.

If your volumes are lower, we can design in a module. We have partnerships with multiple vendors who sell FCC pre-certified modules that we have designed into many products. You will have little to no FCC testing cost and get to market quickly because we know Bluetooth, PCB design, and firmware.