Dragon Wireless Mesh SOM

Wireless Dragon SOM

Our Dragon Wireless Mesh System on Module (SOM) is a unique niche solution offering. We provide an FCC pre-certified flat mesh RF wireless hardware solution as well as our Flat Mesh Dragon Stack.

Our SOM is perfect for applications that have multiple devices where a Coordinator is not required or desired. Mesh RF is wireless communication implemented with a hopping mechanism to expand the physical range by re-transmitting commands from one device to another. Our stack is a unique take we call Flat Mesh.

Applications are:
• Wireless LED lighting controls
• One-to-many cable replacement (Y cable with lots of Ys)
• Synchronizing, broadcasting data needs
• CANbus over Wireless
• Bluetooth to Mesh Wireless bridges
• <100ms control or diagnostics from multiple devices in an area of 400’ range between devices with a minimum of 1,200’ coverage.