Prototyping Services

Our Electonics Prototyping Experience Can Shorten Your Development Timeline

We offer turn-key product prototyping at multiple stages in the product development process. We are skilled at producing POC prototypes, form-fit-function prototypes, and pilot-run prototypes. When it comes to PCBA prototypes, DE accelerates your time to market by building prototype circuit board assemblies in-house. Our skilled technicians hand-build prototypes in days instead of weeks, so we can cut valuable time out of the schedule instead of waiting for PCB assembly houses.

  • PCB / PCBA Prototyping
  • Mechanical Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Design / GUI
  • Proof Of Concept
  • EVT / DVT / PVT Prototyping

Our Prototyping Skills Include

  • PCB Assembly
  • Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Enclosure Machining
  • Component Sourcing & Bill of Materials (BoMs)
  • 3D Printing (In-House SLA & FDM Prototype Machines)
  • Mechanical & System Design
  • Industrial Design
  • GUI Prototyping
  • Partnerships with High-Quality PCB Quick-Turn Manufacturers
  • Regular Working Relationships with a Network of Fabricators
  • Custom Cabling
  • Complete Functional Prototype Assembly & Testing
  • Industrial Design / Conceptual Design / CAD Model

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