For 18 years DE Design Works has been in the business of Product Design. We have a  professional design process in place for development of hardware, firmware, testing, and prototype production. This includes a proven management process, an in-house team focused on advanced technology design efforts, an efficient and realistic management team leading expectations built on experience. Our team has an aptitude for communication of voice of the customer and delivering a design that meets the goals of the vision for the product. We have a low overhead highly technical work force, efficient and effective work environment, a state of the art R&D lab, and a full tool set enabling efficient collaboration with customers, vendors, and partners, to provide an echo system to support a complete turn-key successful and effective vertical napkin sketch to production product development journey.

Product design is hard, right? We help make it easier. The result is a collaborative learning experience for our business and yours. If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in any market - let DE Design Works be the missing part of your team to help guide and fill technical expert gaps in your workforce. We will successfully guide you through the landscape of pit-falls and rabbit holes that so may companies fall in along the journey of crossing the chasm into production.

We respect the confidentiality of our customer's identity and the unique IP creation we deliver. We have done our best to hide our customer's names in confidence. Below are just a few samples of projects we have been involved in:

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