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Integrating Sensors Into Your Product

Whether you are designing a new piece of equipment for an assembly line or the latest life-saving medical gadget, there are a variety of sensors to choose from that will improve your product. Sensors have become critical in almost every modern-day industry.


Temperature gauges, accelerators, load sensors, etc., can all be incorporated into a design […]

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Designing An Aesthetically Appealing Product That Works

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s ugly, but it works”? Perhaps you’ve said it yourself a few times.

What if we told you that you can design a product that performs the functions you require of it while looking great at the same time?

When developing an aesthetically-appealing product, it is best to bring multiple […]

Connected Electronics Are Key In New Product Design

At DE Design Works, we develop custom, connected electronics for a variety of applications. And even if you aren’t sure exactly what a connected device is, the chances are you use them every day.

For example, you can play a game on your phone not only by yourself, but against other people when it is […]

Testing Products Old & New: DE Design Testing Services

DE Design Works offers a range of product testing services for both existing products already in the field as well as new products DE can design for you.

Our lab has a complete AC and DC power testing capabilities for nano-Amp, low-power analysis through 3,000 watts, as well as a number of other rigorous testing […]

Raspberry Pi: Moving From Proof Of Concept To Production

At DE Design Works, we are no stranger to receiving a proof of concept design utilizing boards like Raspberry Pi and turning it into a production model.
What Is Raspberry Pi?
Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive and customizable credit card sized computer that can be used for a plethora of electronic projects.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation created […]

DE Design Works Teams With Phantom Controls To Develop Fire Truck Of The Future

Fighting fires is a very stressful, fast-paced business; every second counts when it is a matter of life and death. While professional firefighters are exceptionally trained to get the job done quickly and efficiently, there is a limitation that has been a roadblock for some time – the fire truck itself.

Well, that doesn’t have […]

Bluetooth Android iOS SDK

Do you need help with Bluetooth and Apps?

DE Design Works provides quick to market Android and iOS interfaces to hardware. We can design your next product line and all the interfaces your customers are looking for.

Are you using Microchip, Atmel, Cypress, Bluegiga SiLabs micro controllers? want to add seamless Bluetooth integration to your product?

We […]

Engineering ADHD with BLE?

If you are an OEM or product designer you know that in any given design there can be hundreds of critical engineering decisions that need to be made. For example, I want to add wireless to my product and have a smart phone interface.
How do I add wireless connectivity?
What are […]

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We can help with Obsolescence issues!

Call Dave Engineering Design Works (DEDW) today at (314) 736-4224 if you have any of these older micro controllers, memory, or ICs and would like help upgrading your hardware AND software to a newer, lower cost solution that is readily available in distribution channels. We can help design circuit boards to upgrade your micro-controller.

NXP […]

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Dave’s (new) Desk

Thanks for visiting Dave’s Desk. This is my first Blog Post …ever. I will be discussing many circuit board and the business of electronics related topics here.
Thanks- Dave

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