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How do you reduce risk in a project?

It’s easy: Work with engineers who have experience with product design services. We have world-class engineers and project managers at DE Design Works. We have invested in libraries of hardware and software building blocks to get you to market quickly with the best solution.

Our deep breadth of product design experience, quick-to-market prototyping, proven turnkey design methods, testing capabilities, quality management, and production support offer a suite of value services in product development ending with the right product designed for the market at the fastest possible rate.

Our professional management and first rate engineering teams provide quality designs quickly. We have a trusted ecosystem of production partners to offer your customers an escalator to get from ground floor napkin sketch up into production at the highest level as fast as possible. In addition, our teams have a core competency in PCB layout for power and high precision analog applications.

If you are looking for an engineering consultant who is an expert at integrating technology DE Design Works is the answer.

Electronic System Architecture and Design

We provide product design solutions for multiple industries, we focus on the technology so we are able to cross pollinate solutions from one industry to another. For example, we are masters at CANBus which has its roots in industrial and automotive applications. We introduced CANbus into industrial restaurant equipment and consumer electronic bedroom applications. Both of these applications received patents from our work with our customers in understanding their requirements and presenting unique solutions to their industry. more…

Electronic System Architecture and Design - Product Design Services

PCB Design & Layout

DE Design Works offers advanced PCB & artwork services. We specialize in power systems, motor control, EMI/RFI, analog & digital systems, high speed, and radio frequency. We do military and commercial work and are sensitive to the costs of each. more…

PCB Design & Layout Product Design Services

Mechanical and Systems Design Engineering

Our in-house mechanical and systems integration team offers turnkey packaging design, functional production testers to drastically improve manufacturing quality and trace-ability, custom cable and enclosure design, component sourcing and documentation. We design for manufacturability and to meet certifications – and our work reflects it. more…

Mechanical and Systems Design Engineering product design services

Industrial Design

We believe in designing quality products that are simple to use and provide a premium user experience. Our focus is design for manufacturing. We can take your concepts and create 3D models or take your 3D model artist renderings and re work them to provide a complete package around a custom electronics design we create for you. more…

Industrial product design services

Software Development

Our advanced 100% U.S. based software team has deep embedded firmware experience and we securely maintain a core library of algorithms to solve specific problems. We are able to pull from our vast experience and library of object oriented tried and true software to quickly develop robust unique solutions to fit your need. Why have your staff or a local consultant re-invent the wheel? We are continuously working with new technology so in nearly every new design we do for customers we are starting with a platform of knowledge and drivers as a baseline. more…

Software development and product design services

Quick Turn Prototypes

Some customers come to DE Design Works with just an idea or a very simple sketch. The professionals at DE work with your marketing and engineering teams to bring your idea to life. Our engineering staff works tirelessly to ensure that each prototype is a quality prototype worthy of showing to your key customers. Many large companies use our firm to quickly take concept ideas to functional product proof of concepts for trade shows and to pull engineering and marketing together. We provide real results. We have turned napkin sketches into real PCB prototypes in as quick as 2 weeks and we have taken approved prototypes and created 150 unit pilot runs in 4 weeks. We reduce 1 and 2 year large corporation design cycles to 6 month efforts time and time again with our core design team. more…

Quick turn prototype product design services

Testing Services

Our lab has complete AC and DC power testing capability for nano Amp low power analysis through 3,000 Watts. We can inject power fluctuations, noise conditions, and brown out conditions to simulate noise concerns in the field. We have environmental chambers as well as shake and vibration testing capabilities. We can scan your system for EMI radiated emissions issues and evaluate your designs with recommendations from improvement as well as support ETL, CE, CSA, UL, MIL-STD-461 RE102, etc. testing. more…

Testing services and product design services

Production Support

When you trust your next design to Dave Engineering Design Works, you have a long term partner. We take pride in our designs and support you from design conception through production. We stand behind our work and support your production efforts for the life of the product. We offer production automated functional testers, contract manufacturer support for obsolete components, component sourcing, quality production management documentation (our QMS program), user manual creation, and system integration. We can represent your company in field troubleshooting and setting up production quality systems. more…

Production support and product design services