Assessments, Discoveries, and Red Flag Report Analysis

DE is a process oriented creative company - a unique and powerful combination as a technology solutions partner.

Our assessment services seek to align your engineering, marketing, and business goals of a product development effort by leveraging our teams creativity and technology experience. The outcomes and deliverables we provide from an assessment phase include effective communication at both the engineering and executive level.

We are not just great at hardware design, firmware, and prototyping!

We provide support for:

  • documentation and clarification of requirements to fit your statement of need
  • a clear statement of work to meet the goals of the initiative
  • artistic concepts renderings to capture your next generation product vision
  • UX / user experience concept graphics and wire frames to capture the use-case accurately
  • industrial design concept drawings and professional CAD with an eye on future manufacturability
  • rough order of magnitude (RoM) electronic assembly production cost estimates early in the process to validate your big picture target cost objectives
  • root cause analysis of existing issues - we can do a red flag analysis and provide recommendations for solutions to specific issues
  • turn key engineering test support and compliance for UL, SAE, EtherCAT ETG, Bluetooth, FCC, CAN-CiA, CANopen, ETL (lighting), CSA, CE marking, MIL-STD-XXXX such as MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810, IEC such as IEC 60601 compliance of medical devices
  • support for risk analysis FMEA efforts
  • support for electronic component life cycle, failure analysis, supplier risk
  • production supplier recommendations and evaluations
  • production test planning
  • identification of customer pain points and mapping to appropriate technology solutions
  • electronics component supply chain and obsolescence risk analysis and solution identification
  • model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and electronic systems architecture development

Our goal is to align your strategic vision for your company or product with a clear technology design path to achieve your company goals effectively and efficiently.

Ask our team about:

  • Red Flag Review - we can asses your electronics engineering design files and make recommendations that may include component availability, obsolescence replacement recommendations, PCB layout review and recommendations, mechanical ruggedization, design for manufacturability (DFM), electrical power system and grounding, EMC/RFI compliance for radiated emissions, susceptibility, conducted emissions, electro-static discharge (ESD), environmental testing evaluation, thermal and vibration factors, materials selection, RF compliance, production testing considerations and quality control factors.
  • Discovery¬†¬†- this could include a requirements capture, block diagrams, critical component identification including a rough order of magnitude bill of materials (RoM-BoM), and an estimate of non-recurring engineering (NRE) design costs and timeline.

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