Android and iOS Apps

To us, Android and iOS Apps represent a magical GUI in your customer’s pocket waiting to connect to your product and bring value added dollars to your organization.

We are not video game programmers and we don’t make business Apps for events or even Apps that give you whiskers and snap chat your friends. Instead, we make Apps that connect to real products and provide the foundation for connectivity to hardware and products. We offer a streamlined quick-to-market solution for Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We make Apps with your name on it that offer diagnostics and control of your product.

Imagine having a programming team that has a library of 15 years of software solutions to leverage. Imagine going to market with software solutions in 3 months instead of 2 years. Imagine meeting face-to-face with an English speaking programmer working on your project and getting results in hours not weeks when you need to make a change or have a field issue. Imagine not having to have conference calls in the middle of the night. Welcome to DE Design Works. Our programming team integrates with your software and management team. Everyone learns from each other and a better product is the result.

At DE Design Works we have the capability to create fully featured mobile applications for both Android and iOS. These applications can be used to control our Modulo Controls systems via a Blue or WiFighter motherboard, or any other integrated system we create.

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