Sensors -PNT IMU MEMs and Printed Electronics

PNT IMU and MEMs Sensors

DE Design Works can tell you where your products are.

PNT - Position Navigation and Timing

We have experience in designing products that obtain GPS and GNSS satellite feeds that provide geo-locational awareness data to your product. We have knowledge in PTP network synchronized timing that has the capability to synchronize the timing of geo-locational data. We have added CAN and EtherCAT synchronized motion to motor control products with closed loop motor position applications used in automated guided vehicle applications. We are versed at FPGA and high speed logic designs for real time control systems.

MEMS - Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems - MEMS sensors are mechanical to electrical sensors

IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit - used to get accurate positioning of a device or object

Multi-axis Accelerometers, Gyros,  Magnetometers and hall effect sensors can be correlated using processing techniques, MEMs ASICs, and algorithms such as sensor fusion to produce high resolution multi-axis positioning feedbacks to be used in control systems that might have a need to sense movement of an object. We have added these types of sensors for vibration detection, torque and angle sensing for wrenches and tools, low cost deep sleep wake-up event features, and precision motor rotational relative and absolute position systems.

PE - Printed Electronics (and sensors) - we can help design custom 3D or silk screen printed sensors using carbon inks and capacitive or inductive sensing techniques to measure liquids for leak detection and chemicals dilutions, biometric sensors for brain wave Electroencephalography (EEG) sensing and DSP processing, analog pressure and contact presence detection applications.

Other Sensor applications include: Gas concentration of  (NO2, CO2, CO, Oxegen), air pressure displacement and static pressures (mmHg, Bar), hall effect magnetism displacement tracking sensors to achieve high resolution non-contact absolute and relative positioning in sensorless robotics and motor control AGV applications,


Whether you need to sense the orientation of a hand held tool product or the global coordinates of when and where your product is  - we can make your product tell you!