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Printed Circuit Board
PCB design

DE Design Works offers advanced PCB & artwork design services. We specialize in power systemsmotor control, EMI/RFI, analog systems, high speed digital, and radio frequency (RF). We work in military, medical , and broad market commercial and industrial areas and are sensitive to the cost target and environmental requirements for each market need.

Rodney was famous for saying “It’s not my first Rodeo”. This is absolutely true of DE Design Works. We have been designing products for decades. We have seen a lot – spy satellites, beds with motors, sewer robots, credit card readers, fire trucks, police cars, and Ebola evacuation gear. If it’s circuit boards and software it is in our wheel house – its not our first rodeo.

Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is also known as Printed Circuit Wiring Board (PCBW), Circuit Card Design, Artwork, or Layout. The compiled design outputs Gerber files that are universally used to then fabricate what is known as a "raw" printed circuit board. After the raw circuit board is created, often of FR4 insulator and copper laminates,  next, board is "stuffed" with Integrated Circuits (ICs) and passives. This completed board is called a PCBA or printed circuit board assembly. This manufacturing process is guided by ISO-9001 for traceability and quality control during production. Other fields build on this, for example, ISO-13485 for medical an AS-9100 for military.

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