AI and ML

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So what is AI and ML?

To us, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are often statistical programming and parallel computational concepts and models that use predefined known overlays in a closed loop fashion to empower a processing and state recognition on a data set stream in continuous state learning to then modify a particular set of outputs in a  closed loop fashion.

We would be happy to share our R&D demos with customers to learn how we can use our capabilities to solve your particular challenges.

  • Object recognition/detection processing demos dataset   Image segmentation demos
  • Voice recognition to wireless motor control
  • Neural network processing evaluation demo
  • Medical diagnostic device platform - portable, field updatable with locational awareness, local tensor flow processing without internet connectivity  - suitable for pandemic tracking and prevention in challenging connectivity environments
  • Algorithms for preventative maintenance
  • Auto Calibration

Let us know your needs, so we can talk about how we can use machine learning and AI to help your company with its toughest challenges ..Call Us Today For An Assessment!

Check out our Video on R&D and catch a glimpse of our AI demo here