Single Board Computers

What is a single board computer? To us that means everything from an iMX NXP/Freescale/Qualcom SOM loaded in a carrier board designed by DE Design Works to an Industrial Raspberry PI to a custom Military Grade Quad Core ARM9.

Let us be your integrator.

Pick your OS and go: Real RTOS, VxWorks, WinCE, Win IOT, Linux, or Android.

We have a very experience Linux Architecture team  and GUI User Experience Development staff.

Having the right interface is a key to a successful product. We know the boring stuff well like ESD protection, power supplies, and testing and the boring stuff makes all the difference. A single board computer is a complicated system and OS software commonly assumes that it is hardware agnostic. This sounds great, and can be great but it is important to have a strong board support package (BSP) and solid carrier board design.We understand the hardware and the software so having a strong partner like DE Design Works is the best of both worlds. Let us design your next carrier board – Yes, we like all SoM manufacturers that make good SoMs.

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