Cloud Connectivity

DE Design Works can help you get your device data to the cloud and control your devices from your smart phone as well as view real time data on the internet. We have the expertise to tie your embedded technologies to the cloud and we are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner.

Our knowledge of Android, iOS.NET, Website Design, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology, along with our core strength in embedded hardware allows us to take data from our systems and make it available over the internet for display and control. We know we can’t be experts on everything.

This is why we also have trusted 3rd party cloud services and custom portal providers, M2M gateway and module providers, and cloud business integrator providers in our network that can scale your needs as well. Let’ talk about your short term and long term vision.



Above is a very basic example of what some raw data that an Internet of Things (IoT) device that uses HTTP posts to Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide. Here we simulated the device using a simple PHP script to graph the data as an example of a device on another continent charting temperature to AWS and a portal web page at your desk pulling out the data for you or your customer to see over the internet.

This is great for remote monitoring of industrial products for diagnostics and data analytics on usage, up time, or predicting downtime in the near future. The scripts can also alert someone if the temperature where to go out of bounds. The device can also alert a customer that it’s time to do maintenance and buy some parts and even direct them to purchase if the embedded firmware and cloud portal are designed properly. It is important to understand your requirements, vision, and budget needs.

With a technology needs assessment we can help you capture your requirements and take blue sky ideas and turn them into reality.

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