A2B Industrial

Traditional automobile audio systems require a large amount of cabling. Analog Devices’ A2B is capable of audio and control data with clock and power with a single and unshielded low-cost wire.

A2B audio bus

A2B uses a daisy chain sequence to connect. This significantly reduces redundant cabling units. This results in few and far lighter cable harnesses, along with lower design costs and a less complex cord systems. Design, installation, and maintenance becomes much cheaper for the customer. A2B technology also supplies power to other devices through its daisy chain. This eliminates the need for local power supplies and further reduces the total system cost and weight.

However, A2B does not have to stop at the automobile industry. The daisy chain system can be implemented into many other products to improve efficiency and lessen cost. DE Design Works is working to make the technology available across all industries.

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