Industrial IoT

We Provide Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions for Your Product

DE Design Works can help integrate the buzz of industrial IoT from hype into realized value in your OEM products.

We live in industrial IoT. To us IoT means connecting hardware to the world. This can be connecting a pump or office building boiler management water heater system to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure databases to post data for an analytics program to compare usage and send an email to a support person, order a replacement part, or alert when a wastewater pipe may be clogged before there is an issue. Or, tracking an Industrial assembly that upon arrival, you'd like to know where and when it was installed and powered up, update the firmware in the field, report to your team that it is in use. Maybe you need streaming video or audio data on your device and integrate local wireless biometric data?  what if you need to offer security access in a location that may not have power or wifi and it needs to have multiple codes and timed access?  You may just need a low-cost bare-metal embedded 32-bit microcontroller based solution with expansion capabilities to later add wired Ethernet2.4GHz or 5GHz WifiBluetooth, Smart Bluetooth Low Energy, MiWiZigbee, or Flat Mesh combination, an M2M 4GLTE CAT-M NBiOT modem, Cloud connectivity or simple Industrial communications like EtherCAT, Modbus, ProfiBus, BACnet, A2B -if the customer demand is thereafter.

What if cost is a consideration? Maybe you can't afford to have an expensive modem in every device and want to consider low-cost mesh + a gateway device?

At the time of install of your product, is your installer a trained technician with IT security privileges to add the device to a WiFi network? What if your environmental are a challenge, maybe there is movable metal shelving in the warehouse where this product is, or its on a farm in the middle of nowhere so range and interference are concerns?  - We can help work through these scenarios to develop the right solution to meet your product's environmental and use case needs and help develop a test plan to provide the appropriate levels of validation testing to where you are comfortable in deploying these technology advancements.

DE Design Works Engineers will help your engineers architect the best solution for your application. We have multiple chip and module partners and vendors that we work with so that you don't have to. We provide services to do all the heavy lifting engineering effort to integrate whatever you need - ground up chip down designed solutions, hybrid-PCBA + SoM modules, custom IIoT (industrial) gateways, or commercial off the shelf (COTs) gateways with custom Linux software to round out the user experience you need.

Machine to machine (M2M) connectivity is often times considered the device to cloud communication link. This cloud link is similar to how your mobile phone connects using a data plan for voice or just text messages but instead of humans, your device and a cloud database service are chatting. These mobile service technologies are known as 4GLTE, NBIoT and CAT-M  and variations on these themes. We are also beginning to wok with 5G vendors, if  you are interested in being early adopters to this new tech.

Let us know your requirements and we can offer a custom solution tailored to your needs.

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