Advanced Motor Control

Advanced Motor Controls
Advanced Motor Controls

DE Design Works programmers are experts in advanced motor control programming. We develop custom motor control solutions for medical products, commercial HVAC motor drives, industrial pumps and drives. We have experience in radar system servo controllers, PID controllers for thermal process control systems, Profibus and Modbus interfaces for custom waste water treatment control products, after market race car fuel pumps, wireless BLDC motor controllers (pictured above), and even commercial all electric lawn mower products (pictured below). We are equipped with racks of in-house high voltage power supplies, a dynamometer, and pre-Certification equipment to test and develop motor and power solutions up to 3,000 Watts (3kW).

The example dual drive motor controller on the right provides CAN bus and 2-axis F.O.C. for a dual permanent magnet synchronous motor system (PMSM) for an all electric mowing application. The product that this was designed for was selected as one of Popular Mechanics 10 Most Brilliant Products.

note: SVPWM and FOC images curtesy of - support wikipedia!

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Motor Topologies:

  • Custom AC Induction (ACI) Controller Design
  • Custom Brushless DC (BLDC) Controller Design
  • Custom Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMSM) Controller Design
  • Custom Brush Drive (Full & Half Bridge) Controller Design
  • Custom Reluctance Controller Design
  • Custom Stepper Controller Design
Advanced Motor Controls
Control Techniques and Offerings:

  • Custom Field Oriented Control (FOC) Software Implementation
  • Sensorless FOC Software Expert Staff
  • Space Vector PWM (SVPWM/6 state) Drive Control Experience
  • Volts per Hertz (VPF/FPHz) Product Development
  • Sine PWM drive algorithms
  • Power Efficiency Improvement Expert
  • EMI/EMC Reduction (conducted, susceptibility, radiated emissions)
  • pre-Certification for MIL UL CE CSA ISO SAE standards
  • Servo Control Design Expert
Advanced Motor Controls

We have designed motor controls for many industries. These products include commercial BLDC & ACI HVAC controllers, industrial pump drive controllers, electric scooter motor controllers, military nuclear reactor air cooling controllers, after market automotive and race car fuel injectors, adjustable beds, medical motor control beds. Please contact us today to discuss your motor control needs!

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