LCD Graphics

We are masters in GUI/HMI graphics development and authors of platform object oriented re-usable code for ARM, Microchip Harmony, and Linux.

When choosing an LCD platform it is important to understand the support strengths, tools, total product and system cost targets, use case, language support requirements and environmental and certification requirements before choosing a platform. We can help you navigate those choices.

We have developed GUIs for the simplest embedded firmware targets like AVR, MSP430, and PIC, mid-tier-featured graphics libraries on PIC32, ST32, ARM A9, and Atmel M5, and SBC targets running Windows IOT, Windows CE, and Linux using Qt, as well as multiple iOS and Android App Platforms and SDKs to connect to hardware.

Touch Screen requirement?

No problem, we’ve seen everything from bread ovens to fire hoses. We even developed custom embedded capacitive touch drivers to run in Microchip Harmony.

Video application?

We have written drivers to stream video from SD via USB chips into low cost embedded platforms and our team has created fitness equipment with live streaming video in Linux.

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