RESTful SQuirreLs

We love the marriage of firmware and hardware. It offers the lowest level and a clean slate to create amazingly cost effective, high value products. Today’s micro-controllers are ridiculous beasts of power  and have also become a commodity. The cell phone, automotive, and computer industry’s advances eventually trickle down to the embedded world. Much like PCB layout, embedded programming is still an art and it requires a programmer to understand architecture. This is because with all its power, it is also easy to shoot yourself in the foot and end up with a mess. Anyone can paint a picture, but as a business we want to sell this work of art to a customer.

The programming tools and languages of IoT are always growing...

  • Java
  • Python
  • RESTful APIs for event based and cloud interfaces - IFTTT
  • SQuirreL Language for Electric IMP
  • SQL database interfaces Oracle, DBA, SQL Lite, Access, AWS, Azure
  • Blockchain
  •  We're definitely forgetting lots of languages. One can hardly keep up!!!  And you don't have to, because we are a clan of engineering nerds at DE Design Works -  we dream about SQuirreL at night you can dream about other things. Just call us and we can get it done.

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