ProfiBus & ModBus

What is Profibus?

Profibus, popular in European industrial automation, is a niche open fieldbus interface and still gaining popularity. We have experience in designing custom Profibus circuit boards and helping with product integration and supporting Profibus certification to standards such as IEC 61158/61784 EN 51070. We drastically shorten your time to market with our knowledge and experience in Profibus communication. We offer hardware and software solutions and support compliance validation for Profibus.  We can provide custom Profibus solutions with no licensing fees and write firmware to integrate Profibus into your product.

What is Modbus?

Modbus is a well-known low cost fieldbus well adopted interface in industrial automation and machine integration fields. We have extensive ModBus circuit board design experience and offer quick to market Modbus hardware and Modbus software solutions. Our staff of engineers are Modbus Experts. We have Modbus software tools and Modbus compatibility testing in house. We can provide custom Modbus API firmware with no license fees and help you integrate Modbus into your product.

Are you an OEM?

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