Technology is our focus. We cross-pollinate tech from one industry to another with our experienced team. For example, we are masters at CANBus. CANBus has its roots in industrial and automotive applications. We introduced CANbus into industrial restaurant equipment and consumer electronic bedroom applications. In both of these applications we helped our customers in patenting their solutions after we worked together to understand the needs of their industry and explained the trade-offs that various technologies provide. We were able to work together in these cases to invent new unique solutions because our customers are experts in their markets and we are experts in technology.

We love designing new innovative products and seeing our customers leap frog their competition!


Software Development Services

Imagine having a programming team that are experts on multiple micros and have a library of 15 years of software solutions to use as examples. Imagine being to market with software solutions in 3 months instead of 2 years. Imagine meeting face to face with an English speaking programmer working on your project and getting results in hours not weeks when you need to make a change or have a field issue. Imagine not having to have conference calls in the middle of the night. Welcome to DE Design Works. Our programming team integrates with your software and management team. Everyone learns from each other and a better product is the result.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics

With over 30 years of power electronics design experience we have designed many power products. We have the capabilities in our lab to test all kinds of power and motor control designs up to 3,000 Watts and build pilot-ready quality prototypes lighting fast. We are great at low power too. We designed a 3kW UPS that has a quiescent sleep current at 900nA (nano-amps is not a typo.)

Analog Precision

High-precision analog circuits can be an art to get good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) results. It takes an understanding of PCB layout techniques and attention to grounding details as well as choosing the correct components. For example, understanding what a slew-rate is on an Operational amplifier specification.

Op Amp design, understanding of bandwidth requirements, Bode plots and filters are art forms that are not lost at DE Design Works. Sensor interfaces and ESD protection cannot be overlooked and low power applications require design considerations from day one.At Dave Engineering Design Works we have a family legacy of designing analog and power. Let us solve your toughest analog problems! more…

DSP Partners

We are equipped to support all the FIR FFT fun you want to have. We love spinning motors with FOC from our friends Park and Clarke, chopping up audio files, playing with PLLs, and reading your mind with EEGs.


Wireless Dragon SOM

We are experts in providing wireless integration. There are many flavors and choices when it comes to wireless. It is critical to understand the use case, price point, environment, and capabilities and support plan for the wireless interface. We can provide chip down designs for high volume applications >100k units/year or pre-certified module-based product designs. We have ready to go solution templates for Wifi, MiWi, Flat Mesh, SubGHz, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth Smart Low Energy (BLE) and more.

Wired Communications

Wired Communications

Wired communication can be anything from a simple board to board I2C, SPI, or UART single-ended medium to a differential protocol bus such as J1939, CANbus, CANOpen, Profibus, or Modbus built on an RS485 medium and onward to a more complicated but much more powerful and isolated such as Ethernet. No problem- we have seen them all. USB, accelerometers, Gyros ….no problem.

Platforms & Modulo Controls

Modulo Controls

Sometimes a full custom design is too expensive. We offer quick-start kits that are a platform to get to production quickly. We offer multiple platform based products that we can wrap your needs around as a quick-to-market solution. We offer solutions for Graphics LCD, Flat Mesh Wireless, IoT Hubs. Over the years, we have also made some of our own tools out of necessity. Our DE-ISP & DE-JTAG & DE-ISP+ are adapters for in-system programming and debugging so that you can put a very small cost effective programming header on your target board.

User Interface & Displays

User Interface & Displays

We believe in easy to use intuitive interfaces and icons no matter the product, no matter the hardware under the hood. A user interface touches Marketing and Engineering. It is the marriage of software and hardware. It provides the user experience and branding of your product.There are many technologies we can provide: LVDS or HDMI LCD interfaces, 4.3” LCD P-Cap touch screens that are designed for wet glove environments, 7 segment multi-color LED displays with Metal Over Cap for harsh and explosive environments. We can help you navigate those choices and provide a complete solution to your needs using cutting-edge looks and techniques while also designing for manufacturability, procurement, and certification.

LED Lighting

We are constantly working closely with component vendors to keep up with new products to meet the needs of various LED lighting applications such as growing plants, architectural lighting, concert lighting, smart home automation, and even water proof applications. We offer wireless mesh LED lighting engines with BLE mobile app control. more…

DE Design Works helps you get connected. We focus where the rubber meets the road, where our core knowledge base is: end devices and interfaces. We embed wired and wireless technology into products and design products from scratch with connectivity manufacturing and aesthetics in mind. We architect firmware, design circuit boards, and create solutions after understanding your vision and customer use case.We ask the right questions about customer use case, environment, real customer requirements and features, regulations, timeline, budget, marketing goals, and listen to your vision to make sure that the product design reflects your expectations and help you every step of the way from napkin sketch to production and everything in between. more…

DE Design Works turns IoT hype and buzz into real products. Do you make products and want to sell more replacement parts and keep your customers running?
We have the expertise to tie your devices to the cloud so that data is available in real time and controllable through your mobile device.