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Connected Electronics Are Key In New Product Design

At DE Design Works, we develop custom, connected electronics for a variety of applications. And even if you aren’t sure exactly what a connected device is, the chances are you use them every day.

For example, you can play a game on your phone not only by yourself, but against other people when it is connected to the internet or Bluetooth.

Usually wireless (though wired connections still exist), connected electronics allow companies to take their product and integrate it into a connected network so it can communicate with a multitude of other devices.

Why Connect?

Today, information is king. People want to communicate information and data from one device to another. Common connectivity disciplines that allow devices to easily transmit information between each other include: Wi-Fi, BLE, Ethernet, Mesh, USB, RS-232 & RS-485.

Years ago, products were designed without connectivity due to slow transmission rates and lack of infrastructure. Now, an increasing number of new products are designed with connectivity because users want to access data about how their device is performing, monitor quality, integrate with other gadgets, etc.

Whether you are developing industrial machinery or medical electronics, connectivity helps improve user experience.

This type of connectivity is particularly essential for industrial applications because installed equipment that runs a specific amount of time requires the operator to know how the device is functioning. Additionally, they can obtain diagnostic information on the fly and receive notifications when maintenance is required.

Connectivity also allows instant information that people want in everyday life, such as your robotic vacuum sending a notification when it is stuck or finished cleaning your home.

The Internet Of Things Is Here To Stay

Connectivity is becoming the standard; not the exception. Connected devices add an extra layer of depth and information about your electronics that may not otherwise be available.

When a device can monitor itself and communicate information to the end user, you reduce the risk of potentially life-saving products failing. This is particularly true in the medical industry where health monitoring equipment must be meticulously maintained to properly serve their function.

From industrial applications like factory machinery sending uptime and efficiency reports to smart thermostats that allow you to adjust your home’s temperature from your phone, connectivity is everywhere.

If you are designing a prototype that needs to communicate with other electronics, DE Design can help you incorporate connectivity through a variety of technologies depending on your needs. Contact us today to find out how your idea can benefit from connecting to the IOT.

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