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Podcast: Dave Jones’ Journey from NASA Joint Venture to Product Development CEO

Dave Jones, founder of DE Design Works, is an experienced engineer and musician. His engineering career started in the late 90s with a NASA joint venture after shifting from a music scholarship to an engineering degree. He now manages a team of industry experts at his product development consultancy, serving some of the largest corporations in the US.

Do you want to hear more about Dave’s story? Catch his recent interview with Aaron Robison from Pipeline Design and Engineering, as Dave talks about how his business thrives on a family-like team culture, emphasizing hard work, creativity, and strong customer relationships. Dave stresses the importance of adaptability, technical proficiency, and customer engagement in his field. During the conversation, Dave also covers the challenges of running a growing business, the evolution of engineering technologies, and the joy Dave finds in seeing finished projects impact real life. You won’t be let down.

Dave Jones Podcast